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Reflecting On Igh2a At Cop28

December 3 2023

Navigating COP28: Key Takeaways and the Impact on IGH2A’s Mission

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Our Manifesto Cop28

November 28 2023

Harmony Unleashed – A Manifesto for a Green Hydrogen Renaissance

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November 23 2023

Request for Proposal: Collaborate with HyAI Connect – AI-Powered Green Hydrogen Technologies

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November 17 2023

HyCircular: Shaping the Circular Future of Green Hydrogen Economy

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November 13 2023

Charter for Carbon Neutral Certification of AI-Powered Technologies in the Green Hydrogen Industry

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November 8 2023

International Green Hydrogen Alliance (IGH2A) – The Green Hydrogen Diplomacy Proposal

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Igh2a's Guidelines For Safe Green Hydrogen

November 4 2023

Enhancing Safety in Green Hydrogen Production: IGH2A’s Guidelines for Electrolyzer and Balance-of-Plant Installation

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Advisory Body

October 27 2023

Official Invitation for Advisory Body Membership

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618bf0cd61c333a5774478d3 Acceleration Consortium Reverse U Of T Lock Up Digital 1 P 500

AUGUST 26, 2022

Acceleration Consortium Scientific Conference 2022

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Whec 2022 Logo V33

JUNE 1, 2022

Affiliate-Events: 23rd World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC-2022)

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