A Concept for IGH2A AI Governance Model

  1. Vision Statement:

The IGH2A envisions a future where artificial intelligence in the green hydrogen sector operates ethically, responsibly, and in harmony with human values, promoting sustainable development and global collaboration.


  1. Mission:

The mission of IGH2A is to establish a comprehensive AI Governance Model that fosters responsible AI practices within the International Green Hydrogen Alliance, promoting the adoption of the FAST AI and RAAF frameworks to ensure fairness, accountability, sustainability, transparency, and responsible AI assurance in the green hydrogen sector.


  1. Pillars of Responsible AI:


Inclusiveness: Prioritize diverse perspectives and collaboration across stakeholders to ensure fair representation and avoid biases in AI systems.

Transparency: Advocate for clear and understandable AI systems, disclosing algorithms and decision-making processes to build trust among stakeholders.

Explainability: Ensure that AI models are explainable, allowing users to understand the reasoning behind decisions made by the system.

Accountability: Establish mechanisms to attribute responsibility for AI system outcomes, holding individuals and organizations accountable for their AI implementations.

Privacy: Safeguard individuals’ privacy by implementing robust measures to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Security: Implement stringent security protocols to protect AI systems from external threats and unauthorized access.

Reliability: Strive for the consistent and dependable performance of AI systems under various conditions.

Safety: Prioritize the development of AI systems that prioritize safety, particularly in critical applications such as green hydrogen production.

Compliance Alignment with Human Values: Ensure that AI applications align with ethical principles and human values, avoiding any adverse impact on society.

  1. Frameworks:


FAST AI (Fairness, Accountability, Sustainability, and Transparency): Advocate for the integration of fairness, accountability, sustainability, and transparency principles into the development and deployment of AI technologies in the green hydrogen sector.

RAAF (Responsible AI Assurance Framework): Provide a structured approach for assessing and assuring the responsible deployment of AI in green hydrogen projects, emphasizing ethical considerations and risk mitigation.

  1. Leadership Building:

The IGH2A will actively promote leadership building through training programs, workshops, and collaboration with educational institutions to cultivate a community of experts and practitioners well-versed in responsible AI practices for the green hydrogen sector.


  1. Global Collaboration:

IGH2A will collaborate with international organizations, governments, and industry stakeholders to share best practices, standards, and methodologies, fostering a global approach to responsible AI in the green hydrogen domain.


  1. Continuous Improvement:

IGH2A commits to ongoing evaluation and enhancement of the AI Governance Model, adapting to technological advancements, emerging challenges, and feedback from stakeholders to ensure its relevance and effectiveness.


In summary, the IGH2A’s AI Governance Model aims to set a benchmark for responsible AI practices in the green hydrogen sector, promoting ethical considerations, sustainability, and transparency to build a future where AI and green hydrogen technologies work hand in hand for the benefit of humanity and the environment.


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