International Green Hydrogen Alliance (IGH2A) Announces Collaborative Initiative with Leading Experts to Shape Responsible AI Standard for the Green Hydrogen Sector

[Toronto, December 18 2023] – IGH2A, a dedicated advocate for sustainable technology and innovation in green hydrogen sector, is proud to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with esteemed individuals, industry leaders, and government entities to establish a responsible AI standard for the sector. This collaborative effort aims to set industry benchmarks, foster innovation, and promote sustainability within the growing intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and green hydrogen technologies and solutions.


Key Collaborators:

IGH2A is thrilled to bring together a diverse group of experts and stakeholders, including individuals renowned for their expertise in AI, representatives from leading industry organizations, and key government entities committed to advancing responsible technology practices. IGH2A thanks the following Committee members for their advice and input:


  • Jasna Jankovic

Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering at University of Connecticut

  • Sunita Satyapal

Director, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy; and DOE Hydrogen Program Coordinator

  • Sausan Al-Riyami

Director of Oman Hydrogen Centre

  • Dr Michaela Kendall

Adelan Co-Founder, CEO and UK Mission Innovation Hydrogen Champion

  • Hasan Akbulut

Technical Affairs Director

  • Türkiye Çelik Üreticileri Derneği | Turkish Steel Producers Association
  • Jason Amiri

Senior Engineering Manager

  • Pawan Mulukutla

Executive Director – Integrated Transport, Clean Air & Hydrogen, WRI India

  • Anuraag Nallapaneni

Manager (E-Mobility & Hydrogen) | WRI India

  • Ofelia A. Jianu

Associate Professor at University of Windsor

  • Nicole Vermeulen

CIO at Hy24 | Energy Transition | Board member | Green Hydrogen |

  • Sean Caffrey

Executive Director, Acceleration Consortium

  • Furat Dawood

Hydrogen Scientist, Renewables SME, and Managing Director, H2E Group, Australia

  • Khaled Nageib

Executive DirectorExecutive Director Hydrogen Egypt (H²Egypt)

  • Dalia Samir

HYDROGEN EGYPT H2EG Co-Founder & Director

  • Christopher Jackson

CEO and Founder at Protium Green Solutions

  • Meg J. C. Lin

CEO at Taiwan Hydrogen &Fuel Cell Partnership | Deputy Director at Taiwan Institute of Economic Research |Professor at University

  • Jillian C. Evanco

President, Chief Executive Officer & Director at Chart Industries

Collective Commitment:

This collaboration signifies a collective commitment to shaping the future of AI applications in the renewable energy and green hydrogen sector. By pooling expertise and resources, the collaborating entities aim to drive positive environmental impact, enhance energy efficiency, and set a precedent for responsible AI practices.


Goals of the Collaboration:

  • Establish Industry Standard: Develop comprehensive standard for responsible AI applications within the green hydrogen sector, ensuring alignment with sustainability goals and ethical considerations.


  • Drive Innovation: Foster innovation in AI technologies that contribute to the reduction of carbon footprints, promote energy efficiency, and support the global transition to sustainable energy sources.


  • Promote Transparency: Advocate for transparency in AI applications, providing stakeholders with clear insights into the environmental impact of technology deployment in renewable energy and green hydrogen projects.


Expected Outcomes:

  • Carbon Footprint Certification: Introduce a robust certification program to assess and recognize AI applications that actively contribute to carbon footprint reduction within the green hydrogen sector.
  • Educational Initiatives: Develop educational resources and training programs to raise awareness about responsible AI practices, ensuring widespread adoption within the industry.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Establish a collaborative network that includes industry leaders, policymakers, and environmental advocates to continuously refine and improve the standards and certifications.



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