Canada’s Path to Global Green Hydrogen Economy: The Impact of IGH2A Hub Canada

Canada’s Path to Global Green Hydrogen Economy

Canada has been actively working towards becoming a global leader in the production, use, and export of clean hydrogen. With the Hydrogen Strategy for Canada1, the country aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and create as many as 350,000 jobs2. Here is some ways Canada can ensure its frontrunner position in the global green hydrogen economy:

  1. Expanding Exports

Canada has the potential to become a major exporter of green hydrogen, given its abundant renewable energy resources and proximity to key markets. The country can leverage its existing trade relationships and partnerships to expand its exports of clean hydrogen and associated technologies1.

  1. Investing in Infrastructure

To support the growth of the green hydrogen industry, Canada needs to invest in infrastructure such as pipelines, storage facilities, and refueling stations. The government can provide incentives and funding to encourage private sector investment in these areas3.

  1. Promoting Innovation

Canada has a strong track record of innovation in the energy sector, and the green hydrogen industry is no exception. The government can support research and development in areas such as hydrogen production, storage, and transportation to drive innovation and reduce costs4.

  1. Creating Tailor-Made Support

To kick-start the scaling up of green hydrogen projects, the government can provide tailor-made support to selected, shovel-ready flagship projects. This can help stimulate demand and prompt investment in these areas5.

  1. Establishing Policies

National, regional, and city governments can guide future expectations by establishing a role for hydrogen in long-term energy strategies. Companies should also have clear signals from governments to invest in hydrogen technologies4.

Low-carbon fuel standards or renewable transport obligations can facilitate the uptake of low-emission hydrogen in refineries5.

Canada has many natural advantages in terms of building a hydrogen economy, and the country is well-positioned to become a global leader in the green hydrogen industry. By expanding exports, investing in infrastructure, promoting innovation, creating tailor-made support, and establishing policies, Canada can ensure its frontrunner position in the global green hydrogen economy.


The Impact of IGH2A Hub Canada

In relation to this matter, the IGH2A Hub located in Canada signifies a pivotal moment and a promising opportunity. It is undertaking various measures to guarantee transparency and foster open communication with stakeholders as it progresses in developing and expanding the green hydrogen economy nationwide. These measures encompass:

  1. Community engagement: The IGH2A Hub in Canada is engaging with local communities to understand their needs and concerns regarding green hydrogen production and storage. This will help to establish trust and build long-term relationships with stakeholders.
  2. Transparent communication: The hub is committed to transparent, two-way communication with stakeholders to ensure that they are informed about the hub’s activities and have the opportunity to provide feedback.
  3. Long-term value: The hub is focused on generating long-term value for communities by promoting sustainable and equitable development of green hydrogen production and storage infrastructure.
  4. Stakeholder positioning: The hub is engaging stakeholders today to position themselves and the sector at large for success over the long term. This includes working with policymakers, investors, and other stakeholders to create a supportive policy environment for green hydrogen.
  5. Holistic thinking: The hub is thinking holistically about how green hydrogen production and storage can benefit local communities and the environment. This includes considering the social, economic, and environmental impacts of green hydrogen production and storage.


To assist in the acceleration of the green hydrogen economy across Canada, the Canadian government can extend different types of support to our initiative, IGH2A Hub Canada. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Funding Opportunities: The government can offer grants, subsidies, or other financial incentives specifically tailored for nonprofit organizations like IGH2A Hub Canada. These funds can be used to support research, development, and deployment of green hydrogen technologies, as well as to establish training programs and awareness campaigns.
  2. Policy and Regulatory Support: The government can create favorable policies and regulations that promote the growth of the green hydrogen sector. This includes implementing supportive frameworks for renewable energy, establishing clear standards and certifications for green hydrogen production, and facilitating the integration of green hydrogen into the existing energy infrastructure.
  3. Collaboration and Networking: The government can facilitate collaboration between IGH2A Hub Canada and other relevant stakeholders such as research institutions, industry associations, and other nonprofits working in the field of renewable energy. This can be done through organizing conferences, workshops, and networking events, which would provide opportunities for knowledge sharing, partnerships, and joint initiatives.
  4. Access to Infrastructure: The government can support the development of necessary infrastructure for green hydrogen production, storage, and distribution. This could involve investment in hydrogen refueling stations, upgrading existing pipelines for hydrogen transportation, and providing financial support for the establishment of hydrogen production facilities.
  5. Skill Development and Training: The government can contribute to the success of IGH2A Hub Canada by investing in skill development and training programs. This can help create a skilled workforce capable of supporting the growth of the green hydrogen sector, including training technicians, engineers, and researchers in the field of hydrogen technologies.
  6. Public Awareness and Education: The government can support IGH2A Hub Canada in raising public awareness about the benefits of green hydrogen and its potential in reducing carbon emissions. This can be achieved through funding public education campaigns, promoting green hydrogen in schools and universities, and partnering with media outlets to disseminate accurate information about green hydrogen technology.
  7. International Collaboration: The government can foster international collaboration between IGH2A Hub Canada and similar initiatives in other countries. This can include participating in international conferences, sharing best practices, and exploring opportunities for joint projects and knowledge exchange.


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