Harmony Unleashed – A Manifesto for a Green Hydrogen Renaissance

In envisioning a future liberated from the shackles of fossil fuel dependency, I call upon the convergence of innovation, unity, and conscious choices. May governments worldwide embrace policies nurturing the growth of renewable energies, particularly green hydrogen, fostering an era where financial incentives and penalties guide industries toward sustainable practices.

May the collective awareness of our planet’s fragility spark a global movement, rendering obsolete the old ways of energy extraction. Let minds collaborate in laboratories, birthing breakthroughs that redefine the possibilities of green hydrogen production, making it not just an alternative but a superior choice.

May the whispers of change echo through boardrooms and corporate corridors, enticing leaders to embrace the transformative power of green hydrogen. Let investments flow into projects blending profitability with environmental stewardship, creating a future where prosperity and sustainability walk hand in hand.

May the infrastructure of tomorrow be built upon the pillars of renewable integration, forming a seamless web that connects green hydrogen production centers with consumers hungry for cleaner energy. Let this infrastructure be a testament to human ingenuity, proving that progress can coexist with the preservation of our precious planet.

In this manifestation, I see a ripple effect as individuals become ambassadors of change, choosing green hydrogen in their daily lives. May this collective shift in consciousness amplify the call for a green hydrogen economy, rendering fossil industry practices relics of the past.

“So be it, as we gather at COP28 to manifest a future where the golden glow of green hydrogen becomes the beacon illuminating a path towards sustainable prosperity. In the halls of this conference, let us collectively cast off the shadows of fossil industry curses, embracing a transformative era where the brilliance of green hydrogen lights the way to a harmonious and resilient global future.”


Sara Shahmohammadi

Founder & Executive Director

International Green Hydrogen Alliance (IGH2A)

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