IGH2A Statement on Nova Scotia’s Green Hydrogen Action Plan

IGH2A presents a thorough analysis of Nova Scotia’s Green Hydrogen Action Plan, acknowledging its dedication to collaboration and sustainability. The statement aims to explore potential gaps, ensuring a thorough understanding of the progress and effectiveness of the plan through insightful questioning:

Collaboration and Policy Framework (Goals 1, Actions 1-5):

How is the coordination among various levels of government progressing to establish an effective policy and regulatory framework?

Are there mechanisms in place to regularly assess the effectiveness of collaboration with the federal government in optimizing financial support for the green hydrogen sector?

Export Opportunities and Infrastructure (Goals 2, Actions 6-11):

How comprehensive is the coordination across government levels to map export infrastructure and supply chains in Nova Scotia?

Are there specific initiatives to ensure the inclusion of underrepresented communities in export-related workforce development programs?

Environmental Alignment (Goals 3, Actions 12-13):

How is the development of the green hydrogen sector being monitored to ensure alignment with Nova Scotia’s climate change goals?

What measures are in place to prioritize the sustainability of natural resources, especially freshwater, in the green hydrogen sector?

Community Engagement and Participation (Goals 4, Actions 14-16):

To what extent are communities directly involved in green hydrogen projects empowered to participate in decision-making?

Are there targeted programs to ensure the meaningful participation of underrepresented communities, including the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia?

Safety along the Supply Chain (Goal 5, Actions 17-18):

How regularly is the review of safety best practices conducted along the green hydrogen supply chain?

What collaborative efforts are being made with industry, labor, and training organizations to ensure knowledge and skill building for safe handling, storage, and use of green hydrogen?

Workforce Development (Goals 6, Actions 19-21):

Is there ongoing collaboration with the federal government’s Sustainable Jobs Plan to align green hydrogen workforce development efforts?

How is the skills mapping process evolving to address the dynamic needs of the green hydrogen sector?

Research and Innovation (Goals 7, Actions 22-23):

What steps are being taken to support innovation projects demonstrating domestic opportunities for green hydrogen?

How is research contributing to identifying the safest, most environmentally sound, and economically viable options for long-term storage of green hydrogen?

These questions aim to explore potential gaps and ensure a thorough understanding of the progress and effectiveness of the actions outlined in Nova Scotia’s Green Hydrogen Action Plan.

Considering the complexity of the plan and its diverse set of goals and actions, we recommend establishing a structured and ongoing evaluation mechanism. This mechanism should be designed to regularly assess the progress of each goal and action plan.


The implementation section presented in the Action Plan, while acknowledging the province’s commitment to a sustainable green hydrogen sector and highlighting ongoing efforts, could be enhanced by explicitly incorporating commitments to regular assessments, reviews, and collaborative processes. These measures would reinforce the province’s dedication to adaptability, ensuring continuous awareness of progress, challenges, and opportunities within the dynamic green hydrogen sector.


In parallel, the recently announced pledge at COP28 to triple renewables to 11,000 GW by 2030 on a global scale is a significant and ambitious commitment. This pledge demonstrates a collective effort to accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources, aligning with the broader global agenda for combating climate change. The synergy between Nova Scotia’s local action plan and the global commitment underscores the interconnectedness of regional and international efforts toward a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

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