International Green Hydrogen Alliance (IGH2A) – The Green Hydrogen Diplomacy Proposal


The International Green Hydrogen Alliance (IGH2A) aims to accelerate the adoption of green hydrogen as a sustainable and low-carbon energy solution. This proposal outlines the key elements of IGH2A’s Green Hydrogen Diplomacy initiative.


Goals and Objectives

Promotion of Green Hydrogen: Advocate for the widespread adoption of green hydrogen as a clean and versatile energy carrier.

Resource Efficiency: Encourage the development of green hydrogen technologies that minimize rare earth mineral dependency and promote recycling.

Global Collaboration: Foster international cooperation and diplomacy to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, technologies, and best practices related to green hydrogen.

Geopolitical Stability: Mitigate geopolitical tensions by diversifying green hydrogen supply chains and enhancing resource security.


Key Components

Research and Development (R&D) Collaboration: Encourage member countries to collaborate on R&D projects aimed at improving the efficiency of green hydrogen production, reducing the reliance on rare earth minerals, and advancing recycling technologies.

Best Practices Exchange: Facilitate the sharing of best practices in green hydrogen production, transportation, storage, and utilization among member countries. Establish a repository of case studies and success stories.

Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing: Develop guidelines for sustainable sourcing of critical materials, including rare earth minerals, and promote ethical practices in the green hydrogen supply chain.

Diversified Supply Chains: Promote the diversification of green hydrogen supply chains, including the development of domestic sources, to reduce dependency on a single supplier.

International Agreements: Facilitate the negotiation of international agreements and standards related to green hydrogen production, storage, and trade to create a level playing field for all countries.


Best Practices Recommended

Resource Efficiency and Recycling: Member countries should invest in R&D for green hydrogen technologies that reduce rare earth mineral dependency, and encourage the recycling of these materials from end-of-life applications.

Public-Private Partnerships: Encourage public-private collaborations to accelerate the deployment of green hydrogen technologies and infrastructure.

Educational Initiatives: Implement educational programs to raise awareness about green hydrogen and its benefits among the general public, policymakers, and industry stakeholders.

Long-Term Investment: Promote long-term financial commitments and incentives to support green hydrogen projects, ensuring stable market conditions for investors.

Transparency and Data Sharing: Establish a mechanism for transparent data sharing on green hydrogen production, costs, and environmental impacts to facilitate informed decision-making.


Membership and Governance

IGH2A’s membership is open to countries and organizations committed to advancing green hydrogen. The organization will have a governing body that ensures transparency, accountability, and equitable representation among member countries.



The International Green Hydrogen Alliance’s Green Hydrogen Diplomacy initiative seeks to promote the sustainable and responsible development of green hydrogen, mitigate geopolitical tensions, and ensure a cleaner and more secure energy future for all. This proposal outlines the key principles and practices that IGH2A will follow in achieving these objectives.


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