Introducing HydrogenAI Connect

HydrogenAI Connect, an initiative spearheaded by the International Green Hydrogen Alliance (IGH2A), serves as a pioneering consortium dedicated to driving innovation at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and the green hydrogen industry. Functioning as a collaborative platform, it unites AI innovators, green hydrogen stakeholders, policy makers, and entrepreneurs under a structured framework for strategic collaboration and shared expertise.

With a mandate to explore and harness the potential of AI to advance the green hydrogen sector, HydrogenAI Connect facilitates rigorous collaboration and knowledge exchange among its consortium members. Through joint research initiatives, technology development projects, and policy advocacy efforts, the consortium aims to catalyze transformative advancements that propel the industry towards greater sustainability and technological sophistication.

HydrogenAI Connect embodies the commitment of IGH2A and its consortium members to fostering responsible and sustainable integration of AI within the green hydrogen industry. By leveraging collective expertise and resources, the consortium endeavors to shape a more resilient and environmentally conscious energy landscape, marked by enhanced efficiency, innovation, and collaboration.

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Deadline 18 August, 2023

AUGUST 5 2023

Discover the Power of AI in the Green Hydrogen Economy: Consultation Survey

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News 1

2023 | May 2023

Year in Review Newsletter – Celebrating our Achievements in Advancing the Hydrogen Economy

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Advisory Body

OCTOBER 27 2023

Official Invitation for Advisory Body Membership

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