Official Invitation for Advisory Body Membership

We are delighted to extend an official invitation to you for joining the Advisory Body of HydrogenAI Connect, a groundbreaking initiative launched by the International Green Hydrogen Alliance (IGH2A). HydrogenAI Connect serves as a pivotal hub for the convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and the green hydrogen industry, and your expertise is sought to help govern and guide this innovative platform.

Qualifications and Expectations:

To be considered for an Advisory Board position, we are looking for individuals who possess the following qualifications and attributes:

  1. Expertise: A deep understanding of AI technologies and their applications, as well as a strong background in the green hydrogen sector, is essential.
  2. Leadership: Demonstrated leadership and experience in policy-making, entrepreneurship, or innovation within the energy and technology sectors.
  3. Commitment: A commitment to promoting responsible and sustainable AI integration in the green hydrogen industry and an enthusiasm for advancing environmentally friendly solutions.
  4. Collaborative Spirit: Willingness to actively engage in discussions, share insights, and collaborate with fellow board members to shape the future of HydrogenAI Connect.
  5. Diversity: We value diversity and encourage individuals from various backgrounds, cultures, and regions to apply.

Your Role:

As a member of the HydrogenAI Connect Advisory Board, you will play a critical role in guiding the platform’s strategic direction. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Offer insights and expertise to enhance the AI and green hydrogen collaboration.
  • Influence policy recommendations for responsible AI integration.
  • Contribute to the growth and impact of the platform on a global scale.

How to Apply:

If you meet the qualifications and are excited to contribute to the advancement of the green hydrogen industry through AI, please submit your application by [Wednesday, November 15, 2023] to Include your resume and a brief statement outlining your interest and qualifications for this role.

We believe that your involvement on the Advisory Body will be instrumental in shaping the future of sustainable and technologically advanced energy solutions. We look forward to receiving your application and the possibility of collaborating with you on this transformative journey.

International Green Hydrogen Alliance (IGH2A)

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