Subject: Expression of Readiness for Collaboration and Contribution to IHTF’s Objectives

Statement of Collaboration between IGH2A & IHTF

Dear Members of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) & International Hydrogen Trade Forum (IHTF),

On behalf of the International Green Hydrogen Alliance (IGH2A), we extend our warm greetings and express our keen interest in forging a collaborative partnership to jointly contribute to the objectives of the International Hydrogen Trade Forum (IHTF).

As a global alliance dedicated to promoting the development and adoption of green hydrogen technologies, IGH2A recognizes the critical role that international collaboration plays in advancing the hydrogen sector towards a sustainable and low-carbon future. We believe that by working together, we can achieve greater impact and foster a thriving green hydrogen economy on a global scale.

IGH2A is committed to facilitating the deployment of green hydrogen solutions, advocating for supportive policies, and fostering innovation in the sector. We are confident that our expertise and resources can complement the objectives of the IHTF, particularly in addressing the challenges related to hydrogen trade and fostering a conducive environment for sustainable growth.

Our areas of potential collaboration include, but are not limited to:

  1. Technology Transfer and Best Practices: Sharing knowledge and best practices in green hydrogen production, storage, and usage to ensure the adoption of environmentally friendly and sustainable practices in hydrogen trade.
  2. Standardization and Harmonization: Advocating for common international standards and regulations to facilitate smooth cross-border hydrogen trade and harmonize technical specifications.
  3. Policy Support and Advocacy: Collaborating in advocating for supportive policies and incentives at the international level to promote the growth of the green hydrogen industry and facilitate its trade.
  4. Capacity Building: Organizing joint capacity-building programs and knowledge-sharing workshops in developing countries to empower local stakeholders to participate in the global hydrogen market.
  5. Research and Innovation: Supporting joint research projects to accelerate technological advancements and address key challenges in green and renewable hydrogen production, storage, and transportation.
  6. Market Insights and Analysis: Providing market insights and analysis on green hydrogen trends and demands to optimize trade agreements and foster an efficient hydrogen market.
  7. Sustainability and ESG Criteria: Offering guidance on sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria for hydrogen production and trade to promote environmentally responsible practices.
  8. Joint Initiatives: Exploring the possibility of launching joint initiatives that contribute to the mutual objectives of IGH2A and IHTF.

We firmly believe that through collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and coordinated efforts, we can accelerate the global adoption of green hydrogen and contribute significantly to a sustainable energy transition.

Please consider this as an official expression of IGH2A’s readiness for collaboration and contribution to the objectives of the International Hydrogen Trade Forum initiated (IHTF), initiated by Clean Energy Ministrial (CEM). We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to engage in fruitful discussions and work together towards a cleaner, greener, and more resilient green hydrogen future.

We look forward to the possibility of a successful collaboration.


Sara Shahmohammadi

CEO & Interim DG

International Green Hydrogen Alliance (IGH2A)

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