Subject: Request for Implementation of EquiH2 Principles in National Hydrogen Strategy

A letter from our CEO

The IGH2A is a global organization committed to promoting the adoption of green hydrogen solutions and fostering an inclusive and sustainable hydrogen economy. We would like to bring to your attention an important initiative called EquiH2 movement, which emphasizes equitable access and benefits in the context of hydrogen projects.

EquiH2 highlights the integration of social equity and inclusivity principles into hydrogen development and deployment. As Canada continues to advance its hydrogen strategy, it is crucial to ensure that the benefits of this transition are shared by all segments of society, including marginalized communities and underrepresented groups.

We are writing to request that Natural Resources Canada consider implementing the EquiH2 principles within the national hydrogen strategy. By incorporating these principles, Canada can demonstrate its commitment to creating a hydrogen sector that prioritizes social equity, community empowerment, and sustainable development.

The EquiH2 principles encompass various key aspects, including community engagement, job creation, diversity and inclusion, and environmental justice. By prioritizing these principles, the national hydrogen strategy can foster an inclusive and equitable hydrogen sector, setting an example for other nations and positioning Canada as a global leader in responsible green hydrogen development.

We would also like to propose a collaborative partnership between Natural Resources Canada and the IGH2A to facilitate knowledge exchange, capacity-building, and the integration of best practices into the national strategy. This partnership would allow for the mutual benefit of leveraging the expertise and resources of both organizations, further advancing the goals of equitable hydrogen development.

We believe that the integration of EquiH2 principles into the national hydrogen strategy will contribute to a just and sustainable energy transition, benefiting all Canadians. It is an opportunity for Canada to showcase its commitment to inclusive and responsible energy development, while inspiring other nations to adopt similar principles.

We kindly request an opportunity to engage in further discussion regarding the implementation of EquiH2 principles and the potential collaboration between Natural Resources Canada and the IGH2A. We are confident that by working together, we can shape a future where the benefits of the hydrogen economy are accessible to all and contribute to the well-being of our communities.

Thank you for considering our request. We look forward to your positive response.


Sara Shahmohammadi


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