5. Technology Transfer & Socioeconomic Impact

Green Hydrogen Economy Transition Hub is an initiative aims to accelerate the development and deployment of green hydrogen technologies through its projects and by enabling efficient and affordable fuel cells and electrolyzers to the market. Given that materials represent up to 80% of the cost of electrolyzer and fuel cell technologies, actions to make solutions more affordable will be required to bring down the cost of technology deployment and meet ambitious climate targets.

By way of collaborative research and academic-industry partnerships, and hrough 6 themes research programs; Production & Storage, Water, Materials, Chemicals, Mobility and Enabling and Capacity Building,  the Green Hydrogen Transition Hub will:

  • Foster collaboration to enhance hydrogen transition globally;
  • Establish robust bilateral networks and support Canada and counterpart country as leaders in hydrogen innovation and underpin the transformations of them into hydrogen economic powerhouses;
  • Support co-ordination and sharing of information, best practices and research between international organizations and institutions and the private sector;
  • Provide greater visibility and a stronger presence on the international stage for green hydrogen transition issues; and enhances collaborative activities within the Alliance and organizations and institutions.

The dedicated Enabling & Capacity Building program will deliver:

– Best practice processes and systems to support the growing sector and deliver shared value
– Sustainable financial and techno-economic models
– Beyond social license – mutually valuable partnerships with First Nations and other communities
– Safety, regulations, and standards
– A sovereign and innovative supply chain
– Addressing UN SDGs
– Workforce Skills and Education Program
– SME & Industry Commercialization Program
– Next Gen Fellowship Initiative

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Any Canadian or International research institutions with skills and competencies that relate to hydrogen economy are encouraged to contact us to discuss potential research partnerships.



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